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Issue 254 | 2nd January 2020

New Year, New...celebration!.Joyce Graham launches International Year of the Nurse and Midwife at CHFT

We're very excited as 2020 has been designated the first ever International Year of the Nurse and Midwife by the World Health Organisation. 
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New Year, New...letters after his name. Owen Williams OBE.

Owen Williams, our Chief Exec, is heading to the Palace after being awarded an OBE in the New Year's Honours list for services to healthcare in West Yorkshire.  When the list was published late last Friday December 27 2019, he followed it up with this message of thanks to everyone at CHFT. 
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New Year, Let's kick-off 2020 with Funball!

It's a New Year and a new decade - and the launch of our New Year, New me!  The start of the year is when we tend to start thinking about our health and wellbeing and there's plenty to support your efforts here at CHFT . 
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New Year, New...Big Cheque! For CHFT's new charity.

We're celebrating our new charity at CHFT.  Emma Kovaleski is our new Charity lead and is looking forward to supporting your efforts and sharing her big orange cheque around the wards and depts.  So if your team has any fundraising plans then contact her for support and advice. 
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New Year, New...discharge lounge at HRI

Our new discharge lounge at Huddersfield is already getting great feedback for ward manager Kath Stubbington and the team. Thanks to their hard work, the new lounge was up and running within 10 days early last month.  read more

New Year, New... beginnings for Mandy

Colleagues past and present said a fond farewell to Mandy Gibbons-Phelan  - who retires tomorrow - at a celebration lunch.  She was presented with gifts, received well wishes and had a poem recited which had been written for her!   read more

New Year, New...award! Sana's Student of the Season

Our communications student Sana has won one of just three Student Placement of the Season awards from Huddersfield University.  She joined us back in August and immediately made an impact in our team with her enthusiasm, ideas and ability.  read more

New Year, New...way to spend your 80th birthday money

A lovely Grandad has donated some money from his 80th birthday to Rainbow Child Development centre, where his granddaughter receives care.  read more

New Year, Anita Abrams retires

Colleagues threw a leaving lunch for HCA Anita Abrams who left the Trust after almost 30 years.   read more

Policies and work information

New Year, to get your ESR support.

Wednesday is now the day at both CRH and HRI when colleagues can get support using Employee Staff Records (ESR), and access computers to do their training and get help with ESR.  read more

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