"They call me The Grinch" - Natasha loves her team

"Don't be putting any of that rubbish tinsel on my desk" - were her last words before Trust HQ PA Natasha Vardon went on holiday.

So, obviously, her colleagues went the extra mile and turned it tinsel-tastic and Natasha returned to a fully wrapped-up  desk, computer, chair and noticeboard with a fluffy robin, and mini-tree thrown in for good Grinch measure.!

Natasha told us: "They call me the Grinch (but I'm not really). I then I got back from my holidays and when I walked into my office, my desk and literally all the contents on it were wrapped up!

"I doubled-up with laughter - it was so funny. I really do work with the best colleagues - who could ask for anything better?"

Our Freedom Of Information supremo who is based in Trust HQ, Jon Cornwall managed to photoshop Natasha sat at her festive desk (see main image)!

Colleague, Shelley Adrian, said: " We couldn't resist after she said that. We do all get on really well - serves her right!" 

** If you're having festive fun at work and want to feature in next week's CHFT Weekly - the last before Christmas then let Comms know.