Leading the way in patient feeding. Well done dietitians.

The work of our CHFT dietitians has been published! 

Back in 2017, Lisa Green (Clinical Lead Community Dietitian); Lindsay Carnie and Sarah Topen (Macmillan Team Dietitians) participated in a large scale, multi-centre audit looking into Bolus feeding in enterally-fed adults in the UK. 

There was previously limited data on the subject and the results have helped to identify current best practice and to give dietitians a better understanding of patients’ needs. 

Lisa has had first hand experience of seeing the results on display at a nutrition event at the British Society of Medicine in London earlier this year. 

“I was so proud to see our work on display. As an organisation, we provided a lot of data for the study. Seeing our names in print felt really good.

"The results of this work has also helped new innovations in enteral feeding equipment.  Lisa, says: “One patient had devised their own system for bolus feeding. This involved a 10 denier stocking being used to suspend the feeding bottle from a drip stand! 

"It is great to see that companies have taken note of patient feedback and there is now a range of specialist enteral equipment available for the sole purpose of Bolus feeding.  Bolus feeding makes a big difference to patients in helping them to keep to a normal routine, even when relying on enteral feeding for all of their nutrition."

The Bolus feeding audit has been published this week!  Well done CHFT Dietitians!