Abbey "the handbag hunter" Wilson is a Star.

When a patient's wife lost her handbag, Ward 21's healthcare assistant Abbey Wilson started the search which took her around the ward and beyond....

In the end she called the bus company asking to join the search and at the same time negotiated the lady a free ride home as her bus pass was in the bag.

She then helped the lady cancel all her bank cards.

Later that evening the lady called the ward to say her handbag had been found on the bus - and it was all down to Abbey's hard work tracking it down.

Nominator Claire Alletson said: " Abbey always puts not just the patient first but also the patient's relatives and friends.

"She is a pleasure to work with and always goes the extra mile."

When Owen visited her on Ward 21, she was in complete shock. He said: "Well done for doing all this for our patient."

Abbey said: " It''s just part of my job. I wanted to help this lady as she has Alzheimer's. I put her on the bus and was actually worried all day wondering whether she got home or not but the next day I found out she was safe and had got her bag back."

And about the presentation, she said: "I didn't know anything about it, they're good at keeping secrets this lot are!"