Donations for the homeless and St George's Crypt.

Our fab colleagues at CHS Ltd, Engie and ISS are collecting for the homeless next week, and Physician Associate, Paris Walker - also a Crisis volunteer - is collecting for St George's Leeds Crypt.

We asked Paris to tell us why she's collecting for the homeless.  She would welcome any donations of canned food and confectionary, toiletries, clothing, gloves, scarves and socks. Please take them to HRI ward 9 (acute ward) by Thursday 19th December (see attached).

She said: "I decided to do the collection as each year I aim to do something for charity and as I have a genuine interest in homelessness, vulnerable people and mental health. I've followed their Twitter page for a while as they sometimes ask for small donations throughout the year. After doing some research on the charity I could see it aims to tackle so many aspects affecting homeless and vulnerable people, so it seemed the ideal charity to help support this Christmas.  

"St Georges Crypt work tirelessly to provide food, accommodation, work and health & rehabilitation services. They will use your donations to make the festive season more bearable for those in Leeds who are homeless.

"This year I have also qualified as a Crisis Volunteer for a mental health charity and dedicate 2-4 hours a week to this. 

"Overall, I think being a Physician Associate you see first-hand so many of these issues affecting patients, and it highlights the relationship between all aspects of health and how we should be thinking more holistically." 


Here's what's happening and where:

HRI collection (for Huddersfield Soup Kitchen)  - main entrance Thursday 12th and Friday 13th between 8.30am and 3pm. Any in-date tins of food would be gratefully received (see attached)

CRH collection (for New Ebenezer food bank in Halifax) - main entrance Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th between 8.30am and 3pm.