You're crackers - and amazing.

Hope you're enjoying our Christmas campaign this year. It's a cracker!

The totally festive screensavers started on Monday and will run right through to Dec 24.

So far this week we've featured teams from ED (Monday) CHS (Tuesday) Owen and Philip (yesterday) and today it's Project Search. There'll be a new one every day so watch out. It's all happening on a screensaver near you.

Sana Mohiuddin our 2019 Cracker Coordinator, said: "It's been a great campaign. Everyone gets really stuck in and competitive in a jokey way. You've gotta love a cracker at Christmas."

"My emails have been flooded and I have now got the amount that I aimed for. Thank you to everyone that put themselves forward and Merry Christmas!" 

** there's also a few days left in our Stadium Concert/Erics competition. To enter, simply answer this question:

When did the first edition of CHFT Weekly come out (it was in last week's story!)

And email your answer to The draw is on Monday.