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Issue 251 | 5th December 2019

Puls-ating and a proper switch-on for Xmas light in Patient Pathway.

The deccies are going across CHFT - and none more special than the Patient Pathway Coordinating Team at HRI.  They had a "celebrity" switch on for their tree lights in their office under the lecture theatre at HRI. 
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"Absolutely amazing" New Emergency Care unit for frailty patients.

A new Same Day Emergency Care (SDEC) Unit has been opened at HRI for our frailty patients - and staff there have already attracted a wonderful tribute and thanks from a colleague at CHFT. 
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Felsa-Marie's talent shines out for all to enjoy.

The Respiratory Ward have introduced a Quiet Room (bereavement room) for family and friends of our patients and centre stage is this marvellous artwork by Health Care Assistant Felsa -Marie Barut.  Using acrylics and pallet knife, it is called Life's Journey and is an amazing image with birds over a landscape and helps to create a restful and calming atmosphere in the room. 
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You're crackers - and amazing.

Hope you're enjoying our Christmas campaign this year. It's a cracker!  The totally festive screensavers started on Monday and will run right through to Dec 24.  So far this week we've featured teams from ED (Monday) CHS (Tuesday) Owen and Philip (yesterday) and today it's Project Search. 
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Developing our Reablement service cuts waiting times by more than two days for patients

CHFT and our partners in Calderdale Council have been working together to develop our Reablement service, with the initial pilot such a success the whole service is now benefiting from the changes.  read more

On your marks. Join the CHFT running club in 2020

Are you a runner like our Lead Cancer, Nurse Chris Button - pictured? Do you get involved in Park Runs? If so you might be keen to know we're hoping to start a CHFT Couch to 5K (C25K) running group in the New Year.  read more

More support for our cancer patients to get them through treatment. Nicky Hill and Helen Jones

Prehab is a new way we can support our cancer patients  - before they even start their treatment.  Nicky Hill, pictured right, is our Macmillan Prehabilitation Project Manager and she is looking into how prehab can support our existing care provision and improve the experience for patients.  read more

Some of the team at the launch event

Support for our midwives

Our midwives here at CHFT are being supported by 10 new Professional Midwifery Advocates (PMAs), supporting them to achieve the most out of their jobs.  read more

Sovereign Healthcare - how their donation will support us in 2020

Big thanks to our partners at Sovereign Health Care for their annual cheque donation in support of our nursing workforce.     read more

Policies and work information

Hello my name is...Sam, mum taxi and 'flu buddy

December is the month we traditonally see the number of 'flu cases start to rise here at CHFT. We're already seeing an increase out in our schools, care homes and local communities.  read more

Cheaper bus and train fares across West Yorkshire with Metro cards.

Our Trust receives a 12% discount for Metro cards - so if you use the buses and trains to get to work or travel further our team in facilities can help you save a few pennies.  read more

CHFT Events

Donations for the homeless and St George's Crypt.

Our fab colleagues at CHS Ltd, Engie and ISS are collecting for the homeless next week, and Physician Associate, Paris Walker - also a Crisis volunteer - is collecting for St George's Leeds Crypt.  read more

Sprout times! Christmas lunch times, plus pre-ordering fruit and veg and top tips for cracking sprouts!

Our teams in Ingleton Falls at CRH and The Spice of Life at HRI are preparing to serve up their annual festive lunches. And Tony, our fruit and veg man is dishing out top tips for cooking veg in advance of the big day.  read more

Seeking views from working carers at CHFT

One in five people working in the NHS balance caring for a loved one with paid work, and this is set to increase as the population and workforce ages. If you are a working carer your views could help.   read more

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