Bite-sized learning - Personal Protective Equipment is there for a reason

It is very important to make sure you are wearing the correct  masks -  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) equipment - when caring for patients with suspected infectious organisms..

A number of colleagues needed treatment as they hadn't been wearing them and had been exposed to potential meningitis.

So the message is always use the correct PPE when taking care of our patients with suspected infectious organisms.

Where patients are suspected at risk of having an infectious organism colleagues must:

  • Display the Respiratory Isolation poster on the outside of their door - see attached
  • Check the respiratory protection chart for the specific infection requirements - see attached
  • Display the Green in the Room poster in isolaton rooms so colleagues, patients and visitors know the best way to prevent infection spreading - see attached

*Meningococcal disease can cause meningitis and septicaemia. It is a very serious infection that needs an immediate response. Read the policy here. It describes how it should be identified and responded to.