Warning to the World: Don't mess with our Amy.

Our Health Care Assistant at CRH ED Amy, pictured right in full flight, is off again to take part in the Rugby League World Cup 9s  Down Under.

This World Cup is based at the Parramatta stadium in Sydney next month and will run along side the men's World Cup 9s on the same two days. She fits in all her commitments for her country amongst  being a Mum, caring for a lady with dementia and, of course, working for ED at CRH.

The women's tournament will include Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea (PNG) and will be played on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th Oct. The men's teams will include some of the best players in the world from New Zealand, Australia, England, Tonga, Wales and many more.

The team are due to fly home on Sunday 20th October for 10 days and then are headed out to PNG for two and a half weeks. While out in PNG, they will play a two test match series where one of the games will be a double header with the new Great Britain men's team, who will be playing out there.

Amy, pictured playing for Bradford Bulls against rivals arch Leeds Rhinos, has 17 caps for England.

She has a very high intensity training regime of two personal training sessions a week, rugby training twice a week, a rugby match every Sunday for the Bradford Bulls women's side and international training once a month.

She adds: "I have pool recovery on Mondays and the other days I'm either been a mum working in A&E or working at my other job which I care for a lady with dementia."

How many matches will you play if you get through to the finals? Because its a world cup there and only 4 teams we will play 2 games then the semis so 3 depending on the results of the other games. Each game is only played 9 minutes each way and have only 9 players on the field at one time instead of 13

Are you pitched against any old rivals? Yes we are definitely faced with old rivals. Australia to be first than New Zealand.

Who is the team to beat from an England point of view? The team to beat is definitely Australia as they hold the World Cup 2017 trophy, but also they are paid professionals so they luckily get to play rugby for their job.


Good luck Amy!