Ready, Steady, Go - how we're helping youngsters face their treatments.

We are working towards introducing Ready, Steady, Go - a transition tool to be introduced for children and young people who access neuro-disability clinics.

And last week the national team from NHS Improvement (NHSI) came to see what we've been doing, before we go to London in October to take part in a celebratory event.

Angela Horsley, Head of Children, Young People and Transition at NHSI wrote to matron Amanda McKie and the team after the visit:

"We were very impressed with the work that you have done to date regarding improving the healthcare transition experience for young people with neuro-disability.

"It is evident that you have a very enthusiastic team working on this project. I look forward to seeing you all at the celebratory event in London on October 10th and hearing more about your project."

Work began on the project in May when the group started by developing a register of all Children and Young People from age 12 to 19. From there they decided to drill down to those your people we know will need support transitioning as part of their care for neuro-disability. 

We've been working with a group of 12 young people to get this off the ground, and they've helped us test our information and our patient surveys. Ultimately we hope this can be adapted and rolled-out wider across CHFT.

Matron for Children's Services, Julie Mellor, added "It's been absolutely fantastic having our Head of Clinical Information, Lisa Fox involved in this work. She's made sure we've kept a focus on quality improvement and that we can measure the impact of all our hard work." 

Pictured left to right*

  • Dr Venkat Thiyagesh - consultant paediatrian
  • Amanda McKie - lead for the collaborative
  • Lindsay Rudge - is executive sponsor for the collaborative
  • Adele Turton - children's community nursing team
  • Katie Booth - Rainbow child development service
  • Deborah Turner - NHS England and NHS improvement
  • Sarah Mustafa - Information analyst The informatics service
  • Angela Horsley - Head of children and young people and transition, NHS England and NHS improvement
  • Julie Mellor - matron children's services
  • Julie Shaw - Rainbow child development service

*Head of Clinical Information, Lisa Fox and Matron Rachel Roberts are part of the group though not pictured.