Lovely donation for children's ward and cup cakes from Shining Stars Nursery

Thank you to the tots from Shining Stars Nursery in Halifax for their delivery  to CRH on National Cup Cake Day. Pleasure to show them around and our thanks to YAS colleagues too for the ambulance info.

We'd also like to say a massive thanks to Clowns in the Sky* for visiting the Children’s ward at CRH with a fab craft trolley to keep our younger patients entertained.

The trolleys aim to “take the playroom to the child” when the play room on the ward is closed or if a child can't access due to being in isolation or bed bound. The trolleys and the contents can be used by any child. Some sensory items also aid with distraction when a child is undergoing tests and treatments.

Our Paediatric Family Support Assistant, Becki Field, said: “Thank you so much to Clowns in the Sky for the fantastic donation. There are lots of great activities and distraction toys which will enhance our children's stay on the ward.”

The charity visit was accompanied by Calderdale children’s author Tom Palmer who is married with one daughter who was born in CRH. His wife has also done some volunteering work for us and Tom donated some of his books too.

Tom is the author of three Puffin football children’s series, Football Academy, Foul Play and The Squad and 14 books for Barrington Stoke. He has also introduced girls into the Roy of the Rovers books with a female character named Rocky.

His children’s novel Armistice Runner has just won FCBG Older Children’s Book Award.

** Clowns in the Sky is dedicated to the research and treatment of childhood brain tumours and to the welfare of affected children and their families. It was set up after Lynn Weston and Richard Chambers lost their daughter Jennifer to a brain tumour when she was just 3 years old.

It helps by offering small grants to families affected and gives a yearly donation to brain tumour research and support so more children and adults survive them in the future.