New apprentices on rotation in WOD - thanks to Ria's fab idea

A new rotational role has been introduced into Workforce and Organisational Development (WOD), and this week we've welcomed four new apprentices into it.

For the first time ever, each of the apprentices will rotate around four different departments within WOD, spending time with Medical HR, Recruitment, Business Intelligence and Flexible Workforce. The idea came from our Head of Flexible Workforce, Ria Green who suggested the idea when she recognised the crossover of skills required for colleagues within the different WOD teams.

Programme lead for non-clinical apprentices Michelle Ward, said: “This is an exciting opportunity for Jack, Corey, Sumerra and Liam* to gain skills and experience in the different WOD teams. We hope that they will not only enjoy the rotations, but also help us to continue to improve our services within WOD by making suggestions for improvements based on their unique position as rotational staff.

"They started with us last week and attended a Weekly Executive Board (WEB) meeting where they met Owen and other senior members of the Trust."

*Pictured  at WEB: Left to right – David Birkenhead, Michelle Ward, Jack Quinn, Suzanne Dunkley, Corey Milnes, Helen Barker, Sumerra Afzal, Liam Hardy, Owen Williams.