NHS Staff Survey 2019 - Owen's ready, are you?

The next National NHS Staff Survey starts at the beginning of October.

It happens every year and all colleagues - including Owen - get the chance to reveal their thoughts on what it's like working here. 

So please fill yours in when it arrives in your inbox, as it's a brilliant way of making sure we find out how you currently feel about working at CHFT.

Owen will be filling his in - see his thoughts below - and there's no doubt feedback helps us makes changes for the better. 

Check out the intranet here for a summary of what's happened at divisional level since last year's results came out. Or just search staff survey.

And on Trust level four key themes emerged with colleagues wantiing to feel heard, valued, competent and involved. 

As a result in the past year we've set up dedicated HCA listening events with the Deputy Chief Nurse, established an Equality Forum and Colleague Disability Action Group, looked at designing a new Management Essentials training programme for managers. And to top it off our newly created Engagement Team have been coordinating activities across the Trust such as more Tea Trolley rounds, Wimbledon and Pets as Therapy Dogs in staff areas.

So when it lands (in early October) have a go and send back your views  as we can't stress how very much they are appreciated.

Our CEO Owen Williams said:  “For me personally, I feel that completing the staff survey is a great opportunity to share and celebrate what I think we do well as a Trust. It’s also a platform where I can highlight what I think we can improve and I know from first-hand experience that the feedback received from the survey is properly considered and acted upon where humanly possible.

"I’d encourage all colleagues to take the opportunity to complete the survey when it arrives in early October.”

The Staff Survey is just a part of our Colleague Engagement recipe card in The Cupboard - everything you need to know about working at CHFT.