#ShareitwithSana - wedding planner, decorator and Nando's mash!

Here\'s how I look at work vs How I look dressed up

Comms' new student Sana Mohiuddin is on a mission this year - to get CHFT photo-fab on Instagram.

Our Facebook and Twitter  @CHFTNHS are already hugely popular news channels so watch out for a bright new Instagram too. You'll find us on CHFTNHS.

Sana  joins us for the year from Huddersfield University where she is studying a degree in Marketing and Public Relations. She'll be taking over the reins of our digital comms channels in particular and is a big Insta fan so make sure you're a follower.

So in 2019/2020 #shareitwithSana is a key hashtag and another way of contacting your Comms team with all your news. She's on HRI x5253 and email her at sana.mohiuddin@cht.nhs.uk

So here she is..talking Nando's mash, wedding planning and being very tidy!

Hello My Name Is Sana Mohiuddin. I am a 21 year old student currently on my placement year here at no better than CHFT! I live at home and there are seven of us! Because I live with my grandma, everyone is always over so it’s a bit of a mad house. 

In my spare time, me and a close friend assist friends and family when they’re decorating. We’ve done a few student houses, bedrooms, kitchens and gardens! We get an idea of the theme they want to go for, ask all necessary questions and get on with it adding a bit of our own touch. This is just something to keep us busy and because we love all things interior! 

What is your position?  
Communications Assistant 

Summarise your career background
Just a load of part time jobs ranging from a receptionist, a telephone interviewer, retail assistant, working for an events management team specialising in weddings and I’ve got a lot of experience in Social media too!

Sum up your role in three words

All things Comms!

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

Growing up… at first I wanted to be an actress and then an air hostess! I did drama at GCSE but never went further than school plays.

Who is your hero/heroine and why?

I look up to my Mum because she’s like superwoman! We’re very close and she supports everything I do. 

When you are not at work, how do you relax? 

I either love being at home in my pj's or dressing up and trying new food places. (see second photo at a restaurant in Manchester) There's no in-between!

What is your favourite place? 


What would people be surprised to know about you? 
I am a clean freak, I can’t stand mess.  (Editor's note: The Comms team have noted this and we are trying our best, Sana)


No Twitter or Facebook. I’m an Instagrammer – Sana.mx1
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**Sana is Comms' eighth student on placement  and follows Amraze, Caz Riley, Lucy Mulcahy, Heidi, Antonia, Alex and Freya from last year. We're sure their names will bring back fond memories and know Sana will continue their fine reputation..