Bite-sized learning - explaining all the treatment options available

It's important to take the time to explain treatment options available in a way that patients and relatives can understand, and give them sufficient time for them to consider choices and make a decision.

This learning comes as a result of a complaint received from relatives who didn't feel they were able to make an informed decision about the treatment options available to the patient, who sadly died.

Clear communication is fundamental to effective patient care, providing a clear explanation of what is to happen, in plain language, and ensuring this is understood ensures the wishes of the patient remain central to their care. 

Here are a couple of tips that may help:

  • Do you know someone who manages difficult conversations well; what can you observe from them? 
  • Have you recently foreseen a difficult conversation, how did it go? Reflect on this now; what would you do differently next time?  Could you share this experience with a colleague over a cuppa?’