I hated every single second. Skydiver Vicky raises cash for African village!

Day Surgery's Vicky Smith is back on terra firma after completing one of the highest skydives allowed to raise money for a well in Gambia..and we've got video evidence!

She wasn't brave, hated every second and will never do it again... ever, let's be clear about that! But she did do very well.   She did it in support of  CHFT's Medical Engineer Steve Peterson's fundraising efforts.  see photo attached.  He said: " We thought it might raise around £500 and it's way over that and now nearing £1000. She did so well. I could never jump  - I'm not that adventurous."  

So here's how it went - in Vicky's own words.

How much did you raise?  Currently I have raised just short of £900

How was it one second before you leapt? Well my brother had already asked me just prior to getting on the plane if he could have my car....! . 

Worst moment? Saying yes when Rachel Shine, my staff nurse hi-jacked me in the corridor in front of some of my colleagues saying "Vic, you'd throw yourself out of a plane to raise money for charity" and of course to save face and act like the big I am I jokingly said  "Yeah, no bother at all".

Next thing I know she booked it. I am absolutely petrified of flying and my wife makes me get a prescription for diazepam to get me on a plane.

Worst moment? When I was driven to the plane? I say plane, I'm being polite, it was a match box and I instantly regretted saying I would jump the 15,000 ft high instead of 11,000 ft in the hope of getting a bit more sponsor money. Apparently that is the highest in Europe. I thought I had perforated my ear drums. Hated every single second of it.

Best moment? Knowing when I actually landed we can start collecting the sponsor money to get a much needed well built for the lovely people in Madina. A small village in Gambia so they can have clean drinking water and water to farm the lands and no longer have to walk for miles with  children included carrying pails of water on their heads.

Did you nearly bottle it? Several times as I had a six-hour wait before I jumped and to be fair I really do love my car lol.

Would you do it again? ABSOLUTLY NOT....I WILL NEVER BE THE BIG "I AM" AGAIN. NO MEANS NO...JUST SO I'M making myself perfectly clear. Noooooooooo!

See the video here