Mighty Hike was mighty wet for our Simon

Five years ago, Senior Information Analyst, Simon Beeley didn't think he'd even stand again after a brain injury - so to take on Macmillan's Mighty Hike through the Peak District on one of the wettest weekends of the year was a huge achievement. 

Health Informatics' Simon, left, told us more about why he'd decided to take up the challenge to walk 26 miles around The Peak District:

"Macmillan provided my family with fantastic support through the most difficult of times as 12 years ago my dad died from cancer.  I have also heard numerous stories from other family and friends of how much Macmillan helped them. Cancer Research UK estimate that 1 in every 2 people in the UK will now develop cancer at some point in their lives.  With your help Macmillan can be there to ensure that no-one has to face cancer alone.

"In 2014 I acquired a brain injury which left me unable to move the left side of my body.  I didn't know whether I'd ever be able to stand, never mind walk again! 

"After five years of physiotherapy (many thanks to all the physiotherapists who have helped me along the way!) and countless hours of practice, I am once again able to walk unaided, so I decided it was time to put this new skill to good use and raise some funds to help others going through unimaginably tough times.  

"Whilst I am now able to walk unaided it is far from perfect and I still have some weakness and compensatory movements which cause pain after a while, so a 26 mile hike through the Peak District is going to be a significant physical and mental challenge, even if the weather is kind to me!

Simon told us: "Our pace had dropped significantly, partly because we could barely walk any more and we missed the time cut at the 16 mile marker.

"Disappointingly this meant we weren't able to carry on a complete the intended distance… It appears my body isn't recovered enough for this kind of distance.......yet! 

"For the step counters out there I recorded 45,000 steps to the 16-mile marker."

You can support Simon on his Just Giving page - any contribution will be very gratefully received.