Our "big shop" to restock The Cupboard!

Each month we'll be making sure The Cupboard is re-stocked to ensure we are providing the very best support for colleagues here at CHFT. 

The Cupboard was launched three months ago. It's our digital people strategy and signposts colleagues to our seven recipes for success. 

We've called the update our "Big Shop" because we all regularly stock our cupboards at home to keep the household running. Here's a summary of what's new this month:

Succession Planning

When colleagues get promoted or retire it is essential we think ahead about replacing them. This can lead to questions such as: ‘Who’s ready to take over?,  Who are my new starters or apprentices?  Who has the experience?

This type of thinking and looking ahead to make sure services are covered is called Succession Planning.  To help your thinking, and so you can make plans for the future we have a quick and easy succession planning tool for you to use to help you have conversations with your team about the future. 

Our succession planning tool is an ingredient in our our Talent Management recipe card

New Diversity Wheel 

Equality and diversity has its own recipe card in The Cupboard - because we're committed to making sure inclusion is at the heart of what we do.

The diversity wheel shows that for each element of our work at CHFT we are embracing diversity and everyone’s talents should be our starting point. Check out the resource ingredient card for more information. This is where you'll also find links to the LGBTQ+ pledge and how to sign-up.

More than 100 colleagues have signed-up already! The LGBTQ+ pledge involves wearing a lanyard and supporting LGBTQ+ colleagues at CHFT. 

Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Nikki Hosty said: "Wearing a badge gives a positive message of inclusion and means I have a responsibility to be someone who is a friendly ear for LGBT+ people and families".

And don't forget to check out our Colleague Engagement Calendar. It has everything you need to know about what's going on across CHFT. We get August off to a cracker with the national launch of the Unsung Hero Awards today here at CHFT  (1 August 2019).   See August Colleague Engagement Calendar for more information.