Emma's a Star for a very caring discharge as time was running out.

Staff Nurse Emma Karim has picked up our latest Star Award for arranging the most caring discharge for a patient who had just hours to live.

From the nomination below it reads like the perfect discharge is very, very difficult circumstances.

Emma, said: "Despite the situation this was a really lovely discharge. I must admit I spent most of the day on the discharge as we knew she didn't have a lot of time and she really wanted to go home. 

"She had two hours at home before she died, but it was clearly an important time for the family, as they've been in touch since to thank us for the care we gave.

"Getting our patient home meant so much to everyone around her as she had a large family network."

Emma received her award from  the Director of Nursing Ellen Armistead - who admitted she'd filled up reading the detail behind the win.

Emma was shocked when Ellen walked into the office on ward 4 at HRI with her nominator Discharge Co-Ordinator Caroline Jooty that day.

She said:  "I immediately thought I'd done something wrong, but soon realised it was something nice when Ellen started to tell me why she was there.

Here's what Caroline wrote in her nomination:

On 06/06/19 the ward was involved in arranging safe discharge for an end of life patient that first needed to be weaned off a high concentration of oxygen. The patient and family were made aware that once the high oxygen was removed, that the patient would deteriorate very quickly. The patient's wish was to return home.

The staff nurse Emma, calmly managed this emotional and upsetting situation in a highly professional manner and provided support and advise not only to her patient but the family and colleagues.
She gave the family reassurance, kept them informed, answered their many questions at every point and provided them with comfort at a time when they needed it most. All this was done whilst being the nurse in charge for the day and looking after her other patients with the same level of care for all.

It was clear to see that Emma held open and honest conversations with her patient and family, they were fully aware of the situation and were well supported by her. This made a huge difference to the patient and family and their hospital experience. 

Emma at each point of the day, demonstrated the Trust's Four Pillars through putting her patient first by keeping in mind the patient's wishes to die at home. She continually observed her patient during the day to ensure she was safe to travel home and considered the dignity of the patient as there was a strong possibility that she could pass away in the ambulance.

Emma made sure that medications, equipment, oxygen and support were in place to support a safe discharge and worked extremely well with ward doctors, discharge team and occupational therapist to get the best result and outcome for her patient which was to return home.