Flour and honey trigger Majax at HRI ....sort of!


Our ED colleagues at HRI yesterday staged a Majax to test our response to chemical contamination injuries.

Patients who self-presented covered with a white powder (created by flour and honey for the exercise) were put through the decontamination tent by colleagues in head-to-toe protective gear. Following procedure, they were hosed down inside a special tent before they could be allowed inside the hospital for treatment. When one collapsed she was placed on a board to be hosed down in the tent.

ED's HCAS, staff nurses, sisters took part with student nurses acting as casualties - so thanks to them.  ED consultant Huw Masson, Majax trainers Alex Keaskin and Darren Blake,  the Trust Resilience Specialist Ian Kilroy and observers from the fire service and neighbouring trusts also attended.

The aim was to test the CBRNe and Hazmat plan and whether the training staff had received is adequate should we receive a real life chemical incident.  The exercise was fun and educational with learning points for everyone involved to ensure a timely and effective response to a contamination incident. 

Clinical ED Mark Davies, said: " Recent history has shown us that while unlikely, these sorts of incidents do happen. It is therefore important that our staff are well prepared. We welcome the opportunity to work with partners to share, and improve, our processes. I'd like to thank the ED training team for their ongoing work to keep our patients safe in all eventualities."