"You can talk to me" - colleagues sign-up to our new LGBTQ+ Pledge

Our LGBTQ+ network has launched a pledge for colleagues who are passionate about inclusion to sign-up to. And Recruitment Assistant Michelle Peter ( pictured in the red top) was the first colleague to officially sign it and get her prized rainbow lanyard.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Nikki Hosty, said "Many LGBTQ+* people say they do not have anyone they can turn to or confide in.

"As advocates, people who work in healthcare can play a key role in making things better. So the main aim of our CHFT LGBTQ+ Pledge is to make a positive difference by promoting a message of inclusion".

Once you've committed to signing the pledge you'll receive a rainbow lanyard. Simple visible symbols, such as the lanyard, can make a big difference for those unsure of both themselves and of the reception they will receive if they disclose their sexuality and/or gender identity.

Wearing it is a positive visible symbol where colleagues can show that CHFT offers open, non-judgemental and inclusive care for people and their families, who identify as LGBTQ+*, as well as to colleagues working here.

The pledge is an important part of our One Culture of Care approach, and sits as part of our Equalty, Diversity and Inclusion recipe card in The Cupboard (our digital people strategy).

Nikki added: "By signing the pledge and wearing the lanyard, colleagues are sending a message saying “you can talk to me” about issues of gender and sexuality. Wearing the lanyard doesn’t mean you’ll have all the answers, but the most important thing is you should be prepared to listen and signpost to relevant information".

Michelle said " The rainbow lanyard was the first thing that caught my eye! And after speaking to Nikki I realised that the pledge is really important and I believe in the values it demonstrates".

If you want to sign the pledge please contact Nikki, by email nicola.hosty@cht.nhs.uk

* The term LGBTQ+ covers lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and the + simply means we are inclusive of all identities, regardless of how people define themselves.

CHFT will be represented at the upcoming Happy Valley Pride and Halifax Pride events this month.

Happy Valley takes place on the 27th of July - on Friday 26th there will be an information stall in the main entrance at CRH.

Halifax Pride is on Saturday 10th August, so look out for the stall on the 9th at CRH.

And as part of Inclusion Week during w/c 23 Septemeber there will be loads of inclusive activities happening - watch this space!