Are you prepared for EPR downtime? Starts 23.55pm Weds 24th July

We need to switch EPR off for a short time to update our medication catalogue. We're doing it overnight to have the least impact, though colleagues who prescribe and adminster medicines will not be able to use EPR for this activity for around six and a half hours. 

There are a number of things that need to happen prior to EPR being switched off, so we are in the best position possible, as well as once it is back up and running - and most wards will have extra staffing on the night to keep things running smoothly.

A complete pack of information has been circulated to wards and can be found below. We have also created an intranet page on our Emergency Preparedness, Resilience & Response (EPRR) section.

Key details:

Times are approximate and a countdown prompt will tell you when to log out.

EPR downtime starts 23.55 Weds 24th July 

  • 23.55 to 01.15 on Thursday 25th - EPR down for ALL activity
  • 01.15 to 06.30 EPR available for everything EXCEPT prescribing and medication administration

Summary of activity required: (please refer to information packs for full guidance and FAQs)

Wednesday 22.00 to 23.45

  • Perform normal drug administration round on EPR before 23:45
  • All work on EPR MUST be completed before 23:45
  • Print Downtime MAR (see guide) for any patients who may require medication between 23:45 and 6:30am

Between 23.55 and 01.15 on Thursday

  • EPR down for ALL activity - Ensure all documentation completed BEFORE 23:45 and sign out of EPR
  • All activity on paper , including patient transfers, prescribing, urgent bloods etc.

Between 01.15 and 06.30

  • EPR available for everything EXCEPT  prescribing and medication administration
  • For prescribing use downtime MAR, paper charts for new patients or handwritten outpatient prescription for ED
  • For Adminstration use downtime MAR (see guide) or paper charts for new patients
  • Any patient flow that occured during downtime to be added to EPR (additional staff will be available to allow night staff to address this prior to usual shift change).  
  • NOTE: in the unlikely event of extended downtime you will be informed to use 724 , do not use 724 unless instructed by oncall director

After 06.30

  • EPR available for prescribing and administering medication
  • Any changes to prescriptions between 23:45 and 06:30 MUST be updated on the system by the ward medical staff ASAP
  • Any overdue administration tasks for doses completed on paper MUST be completed on EPR in retrospect (see guide) by the nursing staff ASAP. Change the time when signing the overdue administration to match the time given on paper or mark as not given if appropriate.

Who to contact during downtime for EPR help: EPR meds team 01484 343424 

For Technical issues please contact the service desk x 2600 

NOTE: 724 is not required unless instructed by a director on-call 

A 724 cart is available in patient flow during the downtime 23:45 – 01:15 for urgent access to previous notes / print a downtime MAR