Working together to combat Sepsis

Colleagues from medicine division, pharmacy, infection control , digital health and the education department came together this week to discuss how we can further improve our care for patients with sepsis.

The Working Together to Get Results breakthrough event was held to look at improving availability and timely access to antibiotics, training and development and tools, and how we can better use the Sepsis powerplan in EPR to deliver safe and timely care for patients with sepsis.

Sepsis nurse, Jan Carter (third from right), said: "Sepsis is the UK's second biggest killer and classed as a medical emergency. 

"Here at CHFT we have already achieved a great deal to improve the recognition, care and timely treatment of our patients who have sepsis, and this session was aimed at building on our achievements.

"The event was really well attended and included nursing and medical staff, pharmacy, infection control ,members of the digital health team and the education department .

"There was so much energy and enthusiasm in the room with lots of fantastic innovative ideas generated for us to take forward.

"It was just amazing to see a real desire, from everyone who attended, to continue to improve how we deliver care to patients with sepsis".