Scooter needed sharpish? Send in Rachel Crowther!

Rachel pictured left with discharge co-ordinator Nicola Allen

We've received a massive shout-out for Discharge Sister Rachel Crowther - pictured left -  for going above and beyond to help when a Ward 3 patient needed a scooter.

 Rachel Rae,  our Matron for Central Operations & Community sent in this fab feedback for her namesake. 

She says: " A few hurdles to get over wasn’t enough to stop Rachel -  who was new to the team that very week.

"Hurdle 1 - Our patient needed a mobility scooter to get to the practice nurse for his dressings changing but he was unable to sort it out from hospital.   Rachel sourced the scooter and arranged for him to hire it…

"Hurdle 2 - It was then established that he didn’t have access to his money so it couldn’t be delivered…, so, she and Nicola Allen, Discharge co-ordinator took him to the bank where he is a regular visitor so he could get his money out...

"Hurdle 3 - The next problem was delivery of the scooter as no one at the home address so Rachel arranged for it to be delivered to the hospital so it could be charged overnight and payment could be made. 

"Hurdle 4 -  Getting the scooter to the house ready for the package of care starting… our very helpful transport department (huge thanks) arranged delivery of the scooter to coincide with our patient's discharge – well done Rachel and welcome to the team!"


The Discharge Team, who are part of the Central Operations team have joined the Community Healthcare Division to better support patients leaving us who may need onward support from our partners in the local community.