I'm Sepsis and you know it. Darren - and chums - scoop top RCN award.

ED's Darren Blake won the RCN's Nurse Learner of the Year at their annual conference in Liverpool. 

Darren is pictured with left to right: Dame Donna Kinnair, RCN Chief Executive and General Secretary; Professor Anne Marie Rafferty CBE FRCN, RCN President; and Sue Warner, Chair of  RCN Council.

The award was for an RCN Learning representative who has made a difference in their workplace and shown outstanding commitment to the RCN and its members. 

His Sepsis video  - I'm Sepsis and you know it - shows all the ED team in key roles sharing the key important messages.... in a lighthearted way to deliver a serious message.

Here he tells us more about the big night and his work in our ED team.

How did it feel to win?

It was great to win very humbling to be recognised for my contributions to the Emergency Department were recognised.

What work was being recognised?

 I have set up and lead on a monthly Journal Club, I have been involved in departmental education  and learning programs including a Sepsis Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfYoovL7cHM and I help keep our departmental website up to date http://www.embeds.co.uk/.

Why is learning so important?.

I believe education and learning is the backbone to nursing and is the key to driving the best patient care, increased moral and retention of staff.

How long have you been with us and a bit of background?

I have been in the trust coming up to two years. I have spent my whole time working within the Emergency Departments, mainly at CRH. I started as a band 6, then became a band 7. Prior to this I was a Major Trauma specialist at Leeds LGI and before that I worked at Nottingham's QMC as an Inter-professional Educator and Staff Nurse. I have been qualified for 6 1/2 years.

Who’s your hero a) at work b) out of work – and why?

My hero outside of work is Dai Vernon, the magician, in my spare time I have taught myself card magic and have performed at several events. I cannot think of one specific hero at work however I consider everyone In the team I work with to be important and I learn from each and everyone of them.