Important Information Automatic Re-enrolment into a Workplace Pension Scheme


To help people save more for their retirement, the government requires employers by law to enrol all eligible workers into a workplace pension scheme. The Trust first implemented Automatic Enrolment in June 2013 and we have to review this every 3 years by a process known as Cyclical Automatic Re-enrolment, which will take place in June 2019.

Automatic Re-enrolment applies to employees who aren’t currently in a workplace pension scheme and who:

•             earn over £10,000 a year (£833 a month/ 191.78 week)

•             are aged 22 or over

•             are under State Pension age (SPA)

•             voluntarily opted-out of a workplace pension scheme more than 12 months ago


All staff who meet this criteria will automatically be enrolled in the pension scheme.

All staff who are re-enrolled will be notified in advance by work email therefore staff are advised to regularly check their emails over the next couple of weeks as we will be running a process prior to June to establish who is likely to be affected. Bank staff will be included in this exercise and will be assessed on their bank post unless they hold a separate full time post in the Trust.

The email will explain to staff effected what to do if they want to opt out again

If you require any further information on pensions and saving for life visit: