How a close shave scooped Danielle Shaw a Star Award


Danielle Shaw has scooped our latest Star Award for going the extra mile for a a small way but with a massive impact.

There were hugs and tears all round when she walked into her surprise presentation on ICU at HRI to be greeted by her nominator and our CEO Owen Williams.

Our nurse Eileen Watson, sent in the winning nomination praising Danielle's care for her sister, Sue, and how much it meant to the family. 

And it all boils down to a leg shave!

Eileen, explains: "In April this year I had been 40 years with the Trust as a nurse so I felt able to nominate this member of staff. I have never met her but she has touched me in a special way going way over and above with her cares."

Eileen, writes: " My sister was admitted to the unit and was really poorly. However, thank God, she responded to treatment well.  On Tuesday they wanted to sit her out of bed and she was so bothered that, with her being ill, she hadn't shaved her legs. So what happened? The lovely nurse who was allocated to her shaved them for her !!!"

She said the simple act made a massive difference to her sister and them all and was a fab reflection on the nursing profession. Eileen turned up for the presentation with Sue's husband, David Fox who filled up and hugged Danielle when she walked into the room totally unaware. see photo.

He said: " You cared for me wife when she was desperately, desperately ill. We can be a nation of moaners and you all get stick and the NHS funding situation must be terrible. However the girls and boys on the wards here are always running up and down caring for their patients and we have never been let down." 

Eillen adds: " You may think this is trivial with all the other things the award winners have done. But  the effect its had on a) my sister and b) on me as her sister  - and mainly to the nursing profession for her to go that one step further to ensure my sister was happy. She looked, and she acted upon what she felt would benefit my sister."

She hailed Danielle  in three words: "Dedicated. Professional and Caring." and proof of every one of our Four Pillars.

" She went over and above. She looked, she saw and acted on it. What more can we say. Our family is so grateful."

Owen added: " Danielle is what compassionate care is all about."