President Jeannie's praise for CHFT's PA faculty.

Jeannie and our PAs

We were very proud  to welcome Jeannie Watkins, President of the Faculty of Physician Associates (PA)  from the Royal College of Physicians.

She spent some time with our CEO Owen Williams,  our Deputy Medical Director Cornelle Parker and our PA lead  Dr Sarah Hoye hearing about the development of PAs at CHFT and then discussing some of the more important issues which the profession faces.

Jeannie, said: " What a pleasure to visit an innovative and thoughtful organisation and to meet the PAs and doctors employed there. It was inspiring and moving to hear how they are working with the medical teams in managing the workload, and how having PAs in the organisation is having a positive impact across the service both to patients and other members of staff.

"It was motivating and energising to also listen to how the PAs are using and demonstrating the flexibility of the role across the Trust and how they see themselves developing, growing and shaping their future and that of the profession. Thank you for inviting me to listen to and share in a very small part, of what will be a very exciting journey for you all."

Sarah Hoye said throughout Jeannie's visit there was a feeling of collaboration to drive forward regulation and prescribing.

There were four verbal presentations by nominated PAs who covered:

  • Being the first PA in the Trust and her Medical Education role as a PA Student Tutor
  • Why CHFT was choice for employment, what it is like to work here and the support received
  • A day in the life of a medical PA
  • Clinical skills and simulation experience

There was then an informal chat with refreshments, followed by an in depth Question and Answer session.

Jeannie then had a brief tour of placements where some PAs clinically work and a demonstration of EPR.

Dr Hoye, said: " It was deemed a very successful visit, which demonstrated that CHFT are providing excellent training and development for a very enthusiastic faculty of PAs, who form a significant part of our workforce."