"My deepest veneration" . A doctor's praise on Nurses' Day 2019.

It was another cracking International Nurses' Day last Sunday 12th May - and our chance to celebrate with our fab teams. We had so many brilliant snaps we've pulled together a powerpoint presentation.

Amy Whitehead said a brilliant idea encaptured the spirit of the day. She said: " On the Acute floor HRI Becky Ainley, our well-being link nurse had the brilliant idea of a wall board for comments as a way of celebrating this special day.

"We asked for feedback from MDT professionals and displayed them on the wall to show the staff how well they are appreciated for the compassionate care and hard work that they provide everyday.

" For example “Dr Teckchandani wrote..."Dear all, you are really stars.  You have stood by us in all good and bad times.  You are inch-perfect at giving the best care and love to our patients and families.  I entertain the deepest veneration for each one of you and have stood in awe for how selflessly you care for the patients”

Each nurse/hca/ward clerk/house keeper were given personalised thank you cards from the sisters on the acute floor.

Amy added; " The nursing profession is amazing and we take pride in what we do."

See all the great snaps in our Trust-wide powerpoint presentation below. They're brill!

*** We've loaded the slides onto our intranet here*** or see the attachment below.