Megan's helping CHFT lead the way in diabetes care... and "Dua Lipa" sings the key messages.

Megan Cleary has been nominated as the Link HCA for In-DSEP (In-patient diabetes structured education programme) here at CHFT.

This is an innovative role which will be launched during Insulin Awareness week next week.

The role  - which is new nationally - will support HCAs in our trust to look out for diabetes emergencies and escalate timely to the nursing and medical team. We are working together to aim for zero tolerance to in-patient harms and improve the overall experience our patient's journey.

As a preview to the week ahead we are sharing this comedy video with doctors and nurses singing along to the Dua Lipa's hit song New Rules to spread the key safety messages in Insulin Safety Week. (May 20 onwards).

It was put together by a team at Hull and East Yorkshire Trust and has won award for spreading serious messages in a popular way.

Our Trust currently has a number of incidents involving patients with diabetes, so it is vital the messages around safety are followed. There's a newsletter attached and a day-by-day guide to getting it right.