Hand Hygiene Week - cDiff down by 50%.


Our CEO Owen Williams is  backing this year's Hand Hygiene Roadshow hosted by our The Infection Prevention and Control team.

Last Sunday was  the World Health Organisation's  (WHO) World Hand Hygiene Day. The main focus of our  week is combining the WHO message 'Clean care for all, it's in your hands' with the team's message of 'Love your Hands' encouraging staff in the use of our alcohol gel which contains 30% moisturiser as part of looking after hands which in turn look after patients.

It's a message not lost on CHFT colleagues. We are doing well recognising the importance of hand hygiene being at the very core of us being able to provide safe, quality care.

In the past year we have seen a  50% reduction in our Clostridium difficile cases. As well as hand hygiene we have also implemented the deep clean/HPV programme for wards identified as high risk and the change in Antimicrobial guidance.

Lead infection control nurse, Jean Robinson, said:  "We’d like to thank all staff for their help and support over the last year and in achieving  a 50% drop over a during 2018/19 compared to the previous year."

The Flo audit proforma has been  updated for hospital wards and went live on the 1st May.  The process has also been reviewed meaning that the audit now take place every 2 weeks instead of weekly.