Farewell Sue T-ownend - off to be a "proper" Granny.

There was a high tea theme for our consultant midwife Sue's retirement - reflecting the fact that some of the team provided the catering at Sue's daughter's wedding.

Sue's buffet was a very classy high tea. Matron Jo Machon, Head of Midwifery Joyce Ayre and midwife Elaine Brotherton all donned their white aprons to serve their guests - just as they had done at Sue's daughter's wedding a few years earlier.

Sue told those who had come to wish her well:  "This is just wonderful and emulates my daughter's wedding, when the team provided the catering. They were waitresses providing and serving afternoon tea, and they did a fabulous job. 

" The competition was fierce between them all - it was brilliant. They held sandwich-making workshops, discussing at length whether to use scissors for cutting the crusts, and the bread to butter ratio was a key topic of conversation."

Sue told us "I'll be spending my time being a "proper" granny. It will just be fantastic to spend more time with the grandchildren.".