It PACS a punch. New radiology system goes live on Saturday.

Another step forward digitally for CHFT as our Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACs) is replaced this weekend - allowing colleagues to view patient images* from other hospitals in an instant. We will have to revert to paper on Saturday and have plans in place, so if this affects you, read on.

CHFT is part of a Yorkshire PACS collaborative and we are all installing the same system. Currently the group is made up of Leeds, Bradford, Mid-Yorks, Airedale, North Lincs and Goole, Hull and Harrogate, though others are in the process of joining. PACS will also now be integrated into EPR for many users, which means users can open images in PACS without leaving EPR.  Pictured is Consultant Radiologist Heshan Panditaratne in front of a new workstation.

Heshan said “Our new system has so many fantastic features, the benefits are going to be huge for both staff and patients.

“As a consultant I’ll be able to see images directly in EPR (which I can’t do at the moment), and where patients have been treated at hospitals in the collaboration group we can also see their images.  

“The upshot is that we’ll be making the whole patient experience more streamlined and efficient and I’m really excited to be part of this!”.

We are switching from our PACS supplied by GE (which is 18 years old), to a new system supplied by AGFA.

On the 27th April there will be a period of PACS and electronic radiology requesting downtime to enable us to switch systems. Requests will need to be done on paper between 9am and 6pm (click here to access the forms). If we manage to switch over more quickly we'll let people know as soon as we can.

Once the new PACS goes live you will access it through clinical apps in the same way you do now and will log in using your network username and password.

The AGFA Xero PACS viewer is relatively simple to use and there is a video on the radiology pages (see Xero training)

Emails to PACS users with details of how to try out the new system have been sent so please check your in boxes. 

PACS staff will be available on Saturday 27th to help with any queries or questions, but if you have questions before then please email and we will answer them as soon as we can.

*it may take a month or so for us to start to see images from other trusts on the new system.


On Saturday the 27th (see FAQs below)

Between 9am and 6pm the system will not be displaying new images and Radiology will be unable to receive electronic requests 
All historical images will be available via PACS throughout the day
A&E and MAU each side will be supplied with lightbox’s, there will also be some available in other areas 
Electronic links to Leeds will be available throughout the day
Full Radiology service as normal on the day 
Requests for imaging will need to be made via paper request forms during downtime( all areas will have the appropriate forms in advance of cut over 
A runner will be available on each site during the downtime to assist with transporting requests to and from departments as required 
Xrays/CTs reported during downtime for acute exams (A&E CTs for example) will be available via paper. A local Radiologist will be on site to provide the reporting during downtime. 
On the cut over weekend New images will not be available via PACS from 9-6 on the 27th however new images will be available on film or via the modality.  
Prior to the weekend all medical staff on call will receive communication regarding the PACs go live dates and procedures
All junior doctors have been contacted and updated regarding changes to PAC via there rota co-ordinators.