Best in the country. More than 10,500 CHFT patients are signed up to YourEPR

Our Trust has the greatest take-up* to YourEPR by patients in the country.

Your EPR is a secure website that lets patients see information about their healthcare online and so far around 10,500 have signed up. 

Once registered, patients can see information such as future appointments, some blood results, discharge summaries and clinic letters. There is also some basic information including allergy status.

General Manager, Katharine Fletcher isn't just a staff member, she's a patient too, and she's got nothing but praise for the system.

Katharine (pictured left), told us "As a patient at CHFT I have had the opportunity to receive my appointment letters in digital format**, accepting and adding the appointment to my iphone and work calendars. 

"I have used the YourEPR patient portal to access GP copy letters, test results, pre-operative assessment and day surgery information.  The EPR and appointment letter portals were both very easy to use and having the information at my finger tips was much more preferable to receiving multiple letters in the post. 

"The care I received in outpatients and day surgery was excellent, enhanced by real time digital information, with no paper in sight, so saving NHS money and the environment!"

How do people get access to YourEPR?

EPR team member and Clinical Documentation Analyst, Sapphire Young (pictured bottom right), monitors the website and co-ordinates queries about the site told us how it works:

We currently offer patients visiting us as Outpatients but our future is to extend this to inpatient and ED encounters. Patients are offered the chance to sign-up at their appointment, as there is a consent form to complete. Once we have their details and are enrolled in to the system, patients are sent an email invitation to complete the registration process online.

*To-date more than 10,500 people have completed their registration on YourEPR.

**62% of patients also now access their outpatient appointment letters digitally. Read more here.