We're having an Easter blast. Fun and a raffle from the team on ward 8a.


The talented team on Ward 8 at CRH have struck choccy gold with this year's Easter raffle. They had enough eggs, bunnies and chicks to fill trolleys galore with an amazing 38 prizes.

All ward colleagues bring in prizes and this year they also had donations from several local supermarkets. They raised £265 and want to thank everyone who contributed or bought a ticket.

Sister Katherine Stubbington - with us since 1993 -   hailed the spirit on the ward which also runs a Christmas raffle every year. She said the secret was being a team. " We're not doctors, nurses and physios, we are a team and we all help each other out. We intermingle and share duties.

" It's hard work, yet the camaraderie on here is what makes it special. We have a giggle and are bright and breezy even though it's hard work. Knowing you are coming to work in a fab team makes all the difference."

She said  some local supermarkets had boosted the prizes -i ncluding a Slow Cooker -  as had  chocolate giant Nestle. A ward member made a lovely Easter door garland -  like a Christmas wreath but with bunnies instead of baubles!

Staff also tour the hospital to sell their tickets and spread good cheer.

With previous raffle funds they have bought new thermometers,  cups and glasses for the patients  and are looking at repairing some chairs on the ward.