Prioritising dietetic adult inpatient services

Due to a temporary staffing situation we are currently implementing a prioritisation plan for dietetic adult inpatient services.  

We are hopeful that the staffing situation will improve over the next few months as we are in the process of recruiting  but in the meantime the following will apply.

We ask for your understanding and co-operation and will keep you fully informed.


Adult In-Patient Prioritisation Plan

All Priority One requests will be seen and ability to see priorities two to five will be dependent on staffing capacity on a day to day basis. Here's in summary.

PRIORITY             •   Requests to start enteral tube feeding.

ONE:                      •   Requests to start  parenteral nutrition.


PRIORITY             •  Review of enteral feeding regimens/parenteral nutrition

TWO:                     •  Nutritional support if MUST score is 3 or above.                                   

                              •  Liver patients requiring nutrition support


PRIORITY             •  Newly diagnosed coeliac disease, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

THREE:                •  Nutritional support if MUST  score is 2 or above


PRIORITY             •  Newly diagnosed diabetes Type 1 and Type 2

FOUR:                   •  Dysphagia advice following SALT assessment


PRIORITY  FIVE           •  Advice on low residue and low salt diets.