"Quite amazing!" How General Surgery secretaries are supporting better patient care.

Our General Surgery secretaries have been hailed as a true example of our Four Pillars!

They have been supporting a new initiative around virtual clinics for patients who have had tests and avoid the need for a return visit and have, from this, developed a new way of working. When they receive results they are making a progress note on EPR that provides patients with more specific information when they ring with a query which is a massive improvement on the patient experience. 

In addition, they have received an additional cohort of patients from out-of-area who are on the bariatric pathway and have waited, some since last spring, to be seen. Our clinical colleagues are seeing and treating these patients but this is made much easier by the efficient management of these colleagues.

On top of their already busy day job, they have  ensured they have all completed their Essential Skills Training  and the team is working extra hours to ensure that all our planned pathways are correct supporting our must do on referral to treatment performance.

They have also been central in our Work Together get results programme where they have agreed to be a pilot for Voice Recognition alongside their Consultants and have been contributing to the various workshops that have been running as part of this.

Our Chief Operating Officer, Helen Barker, visited the team. She said: " They really are quite amazing and credit their success to teamwork which I could certainly see alongside their cheery approach to the task in hand and positive feedback even on issues that are clearly quite frustrating. I wanted to ensure this was recognised across the organisation and managed to persuade this shy and retiring group to have their picture taken."