Thumbs up and thanks for our training!


Every month we ask our nurse trainees to give us feedback about their work placement here with our teams  CHFT - and they're terrific!

We know they wouldn't be so good if it wasn't for all our colleagues who go out of their way to support them during their time with them. So here's a few examples of what they're saying about you. Take a bow everyone mentioned and thanks to Church Lane DN team - one of the pics of the year!


Church Lane District NursingTeam


 "My mentors at Church Lane were very supportive and if I didn't understand or didn't feel confident enough they would let me observe while they talked through the procedure making me feel more confident to do it myself the next time . I was also able to pick up useful tips from this placement while observing the nurses which has again helped me to develop."


Ward 4C gynae

"The staff on this Ward were absolutely lovely!!! So helpful, friendly and made me feel included as part of the team which was absolutely brilliant. They ensured I was exposed to all learning opportunities and I thoroughly enjoyed this placement and feel I was able to take a lot from it as they took the time to teach me."

Infection Control

"This experience will stay with me for my whole career. It is vital that we know how important infection control is and the consequences and benefits of not following and following protocol"


"Every single staff in the ward were friendly and helpful. They made sure that I was comfortable and enjoying every shift that I had with the team. It felt like I was part of the team. It's one of the best placement experiences I have had during my nursing education."


"I learnt numerous skills and gained a lot of knowledge in this setting, I highly recommend this placement area. I have had an amazing experience working with the entire team. Any other student would benefit from having this placement area during their nursing education."

Acute Floor CRH


"My overall experience on the acute floor was great. I felt supported with my learning and the team were really friendly. I was able to meet all of my learning outcomes and further develop my knowledge. My mentor was absolutely fantastic, she supported me throughout and whenever I felt frustrated or low she supported me and really helped me gain confidence in myself and my ability to be a nurse. I honestly cannot think of a negative, I had an amazing experience and cannot thank the team enough for making me feel so welcome."