Is she having a boy or a girl? Watch Anthonia's baby reveal video

Anthonia with volunteer Lauren Haigh and Sister Olivia Smith

Sister Anthonia Ojini shared ber big baby secret with her ward 20 colleagues.

She popped the balloon to reveal she is, in fact, expecting a .... on to find out.... 

In a unique twist she wanted all her colleagues to share her good news and decorated a side room with  blue and pink streamers and ballons - and even the paper plates had a boy/girl split.

They made a real event out of it with a buffet including a Kam Kehra legendary curry buffet. 

Anthonia, who also has a two-year-old boy and is 23 weeks pregnant, said: " We all work really hard on here so it's nice to share a really happy time for me with my colleagues. They are so supportive. It's a good team on here." 

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