Hesh's lass Alanna is off to Uganda.

The daughter of our radiology consultant Heshan Panditaratne is heading to Uganda this summer to support villages, build schools and conservation work.

She's sold off many of her clothes and possessions to raise funds for it  (just over £4K is needed) and radiology at HRI have been having bake stalls to help her too. She is now just £500 off the total required.

Alanna is going with her school and campsinternational.com. They will be learning culture, teaching English and learning leadership skills and teamworking out of their comfort zone and is set to last for four weeks.

Heshan, said: " Alanna is a dancer and performer and has performed at Wakefield Panto twice, won at dance competitions and aims to go down a performance path. We are raising the money for her to go  and she is over half way there.  So far, she has done a World Cup hot dog bash at home, Bonfire Night bash and sold a lot of her old clothes / computers etc. on ebay. The radiology department  have been very supportive and have also donated via bake sales on both sites."

If you wish to support Hesh's daughter then email him at:  heshan.panditaratne@cht.nhs.uk