It's Appraisal Season: time to book yours

Last year almost 96% of colleagues had their appraisal - great effort! 

The time has come to plan and book your appraisal, as we have a three months appraisal  "season" from April 1 - June 30*.

If you carry out appraisals with colleagues and need some support our one hour workshop will refresh you or help you if you are new to the process.

There is lots of information about appraisals on the intranet under the Workforce & OD tab - just see the green Appraisals Season 2019 button. 

If you have any questions after looking at the pages you can always ask a question here.

And here is the link to the workshop information - currently scheduled to 12th April. Book your space here.

*The reason we have appraisal season staring in April is that it’s the start of the financial year. Our Trust objectives should be set then, so colleagues' objectives should be in line with what the Trust is looking to do over the next 12 months. 

Ideally managers shouldn’t carry our more than eight appraisals and ideally six is ample.  If managers are doing more than this, where possible, they should delegate to their team. So band 6’s could appraise band 4’s etc.