Pioneering epilepsy care and how a dog video-bombed a clinic.

Our  Children's and the Adult Epilepsy Nurse service has started up new virtual clinics (VPCs) to avoid the need for  children and families making constant visits back to hospital.

Early feedback is overwhelmingly in favour  - even on one memorable occasion when familly pet disrupted the  Virtual Patient Clinic session.

Paediatric Epilepsy Specialist Nurse, Judith Vincent, said: " This technology enables the patient and their family to have a video call consultation from the comfort and convenience of their home or a setting of their choice.

"Our first VPC held recently was very well received, despite our being a bit distracted by one family's gorgeous dog who wanted to join in and get into the camera shot! The dog episode absolutely grounds us in remembering these are people with real lives and not just patients."

It is still in pilot form and the Children's epilepsy service are planning to offer this choice to all our patients and families as additional option to deliver patient care where and when it is needed. One family has already requested all their check-ups are by VPC and invitations are going out to other families offering the service.

Judith, added: " An epilepsy diagnosis however is not necessarily a barrier to success - many children with the condition will achieve both academically and socially."