Tea Trolley round reaches top-performing Medical Devices

The Medical Device Training Team had a visit from the CHFT Tea Trolley* this week.

They may be a small team but they are leading the way in training across West Yorkshire trusts.

Medical Devices Co-Ordinator, Jayne Blakey and Training Co-Ordinator Hedy Navarro talked enthusiastically to Chief Operating Officer, Helen Barker over a cuppa about the work they do, and the level of compliance we have in the Trust. At 75% it is the best performance in West Yorkshire. Their colleague Brian Bottomley was off duty, but is equally integral to their success.

Helen, said: "Its vitally important we are all trained in the correct use of equipment to keep our patients and ourselves safe. With the massive range of devices such as volumetric pumps, syringe pumps and glucometers in place across CHFT this is no easy task.  The team do this with a cheery and positive attitude which was amazing to witness."

Helen also heard how recently the team from Newcastle NHS FT had paid them a visit to hear more about some of the equipment we use and how it was rolled out. 

The Newcastle team ended up singing their praises at how impressive and organised our medical device training is. Jayne, said: “We're always happy to share with other Trusts, so we'll be working with them in future and we're already sharing with Airedale NHS FT too."

Helen was so impressed with their work she's asked the team to present at a future Executive Board - though she had to do some persuading!.

Helen said: "For colleagues reading this please do ensure you understand what equipment you use and that you have undertaken the appropriate training. If you have any queries the team would be happy to help you". See their comprehensive intranet pages for more information.

* Our Tea Tolley rounds are an informal way of having a cuppa and chat about what it's like to work at CHFT.

We aim to visit every area of CHFT and exchange views over a brew and a biscuit.  Our senior team want to find out staff are feeling at work, if they feel valued and how they are managed and led.

Jayne said about the visit: "It was really nice to have someone come and see us to chat. We're in the basement at the end of a corridor with no windows so it was appreciated that they came to us. It really showed that senior managers are really interested in what we have to say".