Floods, burst rivers and closed roads... yet Community conquer all to care for our patients.

Naomi Lisk and Elaine Woodthorpe  from the team

Earlier this month our Community Team battled  rainfall and heavy floods in the Upper Valley to reach their patients.

Roads  were closed, rivers burst  their banks and flooding made it a huge challenge, yet they battled through to  deliver their care.

The team totally rallied round so a big thanks to all the OOH DN team as they all work hard to visit patients. Staff who were not working offered to visit patients if required even though they weren't down to work. Gaynor, Hollie and Ali working that night as well. Thank you.

Read here Elizabth Morley's account of the night.

"On Saturday evening we were aware that the flood warnings alarms had been sounded in Calderdale valley and that the water levels were so high there was risk of banks breaching causing flooding. Elaine Woodthorpe (HCA) and myself were on the 6pm team, which covers all of the Calder valley until other teams start at 7pm. Fortunately we had no palliative patients or priority call outs that evening meaning we could prioritise our allocated visits.

"We have an insulin dependent diabetic patient who lives alone in Todmorden. This was our priority to get there as soon as we could. We set off early passing rivers that had burst their banks and flooded playing fields. The first road stop advised that the route was closed but there may be an alternative. The second police stop advised the only open route was via Church Lane which we took.

"In the dark through narrow roads, flooded dips and tracks we made it to our patient, taking over an hour to get there. It consequently turned out this is a notorious local route, however it was our only choice as the other two routes were closed due to flooding. As our other teams starting at 7pm arrived, none-priority visits in the flooding area were contacted and cancelled where possible.


"As the rain continued I spoke to our colleagues in the Rochdale District Nursing team to see how they were managing with the weather. We agreed that if the weather continued blocking our access to patients  - and if we had any palliative patients in distress - we would support each other as required. Fortunately the weather subsided and the main road was opened, allowing our overnight team to visit a call out in the night in Todmorden.

"All visits were completed and all patients that needed our service were reached, ensuring that together we will deliver outstanding compassionate care to the communities we serve."