ReaD all about it! Research and Development newsletter now available

Here's our Annalisa Dance, Hannah Riley and Selina Shaw - just three of the Research and Development (R&D) team who have produced their first newsletter for CHFT colleagues. It was a real team effort to showcase all that's going on in the department and how people can get involved in research.

We asked the team to share a little more about the world of research and development:


What developments/successes have R&D been involved in?

  • CHFT Research were the first site in the UK to open the SUNFLOWER study (testing for Bile Duct Stones before Gall Bladder surgery) and the first in the UK to recruit to the study, the day after opening in January this year!
  • Our team is the top recruiting site for the PROMS study in Yorkshire & the Humber; improving patient outcomes for patients with Bowel cancer.
  • We also participated in the stroke study FOCUS and were ranked 6th highest out of 103 units across the UK.
  • Our input into the STAMPEDE trial has helped to change practice. Docetaxel is now standard practice for patients newly diagnosed with metastatic prostate disease.
  • CHFT are opening their first clinical trial for patients with extensive Crohn’s Disease – this is giving patients the chance to receive an exciting new drug which may be of benefit.

Is it exciting being in R&D? And why….?

It’s an exciting time to be working in the Research & Development Team.  The NIHR (National Institute for Health Research) announced that 2018 was a record year with more people than ever before taking part in clinical research across the country - nearly three quarters of a million!  NIHR also announced that the number of new studies being set up was at its highest level yet.  Exciting times ahead!   

Some feedback provided in relation to working with CHFT Research from our commercial partners when asked to; ‘describe the R&D Team service in one or more words’?  

‘Excellent Team’ , ‘Quick, reliable, wonderful to work with’, ‘Engaged’ & ‘High Performers’

Credits for the newly launched newsletter go to team members:

Annalisa Dance, Hannah Riley, Selina Shaw, Kully Sandhu, Marie Home, Miranda Usher and Wendy Cook.

Follow the team on Twitter: @CHFT Research and see their intranet pages here. Their newsletter is attached and also on their pages.