Jo's "post-baby" scenes filmed at CRH

Ackley Bridge's lead actress Jo Joyner  - formerly Tanya Cross in EastEnders - was at CRH yesterday filming scenes for the new series later this year.

The Channel 4 hit show is filmed in and around Halifax and is centred in former school called St Catherine’s Catholic High School in Halifax. 

Jo plays the pregnant headteacher Mandy Carter in the series and was filmed  at CRH for her post-baby scenes. Actress Sunetra  sarker also accompanied her.

The film have made a donation to Trust funds for the temporary use of a room  on our maternity unit which is not currently being used by us for patients. 

Sophie Holroyd from Service Performance, pictured right, supervised them for the day.

She said: "Jo was really nice. There was a lot of setting up involved."