Is this an award I see before me? Our Sarah was only Yorkshire finalist at Shakespeare's theatre finals

Well done to Sarah Wilson, CHFT's finalist at the British Nursing Journal Awards and the only rep from a Yorkshire trust.

She came third in the Oedema Nurse of the Year for her pioneering work supporting breast cancer patients.

She said the night - at the Shakespear Underglobe Theatre in London - was a cracker.

"We had a brilliant night at the awards. It felt amazing to be there at Shakesphere Underglobe Theatre and everybody looked fabulous. We enjoyed the free champagne and the three course meal was needed to soak it up."

She added with a smile, when she came third. " There were lots of smiling  - occasionally through gritted teeth - but  that was more from wearing heels!!"

She said all the finalists in her category had masses more experience.

"They had been in lymphoedema over 20 years and it was so amazing to be sat at the same table as them, after only being in lymphoedema for five years. The awards were very humbling, there are some amazing nurses out there, and it felt fab to be a nurse!

Sarah said "getting glammed up" was out of my comfort zone and thanked her best friend and colleague Catherine Stubbs for help with her hair, make-up and even choosing the dress and heels adding " I am much happier in wellies." 

And she again took the opporttunity to give her team a shout-out.

"I love my job in lymphoedema . It really is my passion, but without the fab team, it would be impossible to provide the care we do, the award is for them all as much as me."

And the only Yorkshire nurse there?

"There weren't any other finalists from Yorkshire so I think, as a Trust, we all need to shout more about the amazing work that goes on."