TNA-mazing! Lauren Stevenson's standout work

Well done to our TNA Lauren Stevenson who is excelling in her academic work.

She is pictured with Karen Currell  who is Senior Lecturer – Child Nursing & Academic lead for pre-registration Nursing,  from the University of Huddersfield. Karen says: " Lauren is in her first year of her TNA course . As part of the course she is required to complete a 2000 word case study on an anonymised patient she cared for in practice.  Lauren's case study was exceptional  - one of the highest marks in the cohort . Her work was insightful, knowledgeable and exceptionally patient-centred."

She hailed Lauren's approach, adding: " The work was extensively referenced and Lauren related all her exceptional points back to her role as a nursing associate."

They now hope to get Lauren's work published.

Karen said: "The marker will be working with Lauren to help her publish this case study in a relevant nursing journal."

We asked Lauren, more about the TNA role here at CHFT. 



 Why do you love being an TNA?

I am enjoying learning whilst gaining a qualification. Doing this role enables me to gain experience in different fields of nursing and specialities which is broadening my learning and development, whilst gaining experience. I have found it so rewarding being able to gain the knowledge and it apply it to my practice to make a difference to my patients care.





What would you say to someone is thinking of being a TNA?:

Go for it and believe in yourself. It's hard work and challenging but overall an amazing opportunity to develop your career. 





Sounds like you're really supported, can you expand on that please:

I was apprehensive prior to starting the course having not done any academic work since leaving school. The first week in University I was amazed with just how much support is available. The tutors and clinical educators are always around providing advice and support, helping you to achieve your full potential.