Facilitating Friendships for all - Community team supporting teens with stammers

Members of our Children’s Speech and Language Therapy team have met up with teenagers who stammer and their parents to set up a support group.

The families came up with the mission statement “Supporting teens who stammer - and their parents/carers - in a safe environment, facilitating friendships for all”, they also developed a ‘stammer’ acronym 

S- peak







The group was successfully set up and will be run independently by the teens aged 11-18 and their parents/carers offering support to other families in Calderdale and Huddersfield.

They plan to meet quarterly and do a range of fun activities such as rock climbing, youth groups, trampolining and bowling. The group are hoping to involve the charity, Action for Stammering Children (ASC) Youth Panel.

Speech and language therapist,  Ella Gregg, said: "We believe that this exciting new group will play a huge role in helping the teens to embrace their stammers, build their confidence and offer a continuing support network for the teens and their families."

The group are just finalising contact details which they will then send on to the Children’s Therapy department.