Domestic Abuse Quality Mark - a gold standard achievement for CHFT

It's great news as our Trust has achieved the West Yorkshire Domestic Violence and Abuse Quality Mark Level Two. This is recognition of our commitment to supporting women, men and children affected by Domestic Violence and Abuse in West Yorkshire. 

The Quality Mark is valid for the next three years. It promotes consistent and high quality service provision to women, children and men affected by domestic violence and abuse (DVA) and encourages agencies, employers and community organisations to make tackling domestic violence and abuse their business.

Chief Nurse, Jackie Murphy, said: “This Quality Mark demonstrates all the unseen work that goes on behind the scenes to support not only our patients and service users, but our colleagues too.

“We should all be very proud - this is a gold standard achievement for CHFT. A huge amount of work has taken place, especially within ED and Maternity, and I’d personally like to thank  all  teams including the whole Safeguarding Team for their efforts to secure it over and above maintaining their service”.

Jackie is pictured with Safeguarding Lead Vicky Thersby, our Named Professional Adult for Safeguarding Gwen Clyde-Evans and Independent Domestic Violence Advisor Paul Nolan. 

To achieve this Level Two Quality Mark we had to provide information on a self-assessment, and also have a discussion with the Domestic Violence Team in Leeds. 

It is now our responsibility to continue to meet the agreed minimum standards as set out in the self-assessment.  This includes ensuring that any new staff are fully inducted in processes/procedures in relation to DVA, and they receive appropriate training. 

We also have to engage with Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHRs) as required, making sure Lessons Learned are also built into our practice. 

Any agency with a Quality Mark and involved in a DHR, is expected to demonstrate how they met the minimum standards of the QM at the time of the homicide, in addition to other lines of enquiry in the DHR.

In three years we will be offered a review to ensure continued compliance with the minimum standards and to enable us to develop our services in line with any new criteria.